Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Bedtime Routine

This post was prompted by Write on Edge. "In the spirit of dialect, slang, and turns of phrase, this week’s RemembeRED prompt is: Write a piece of creative non-fiction in which turns of phrase, dialect, slang, or colloquialisms feature prominently."
“It’s time for bed sweetie.”

“One moye stoyee, pease,” She begged.
I looked down at those big brown eyes, okay one more then it’s off to bed you go.
She did her famous celebratory jump, “Dis one mommy.”
I opened the glittered cover and began to read, “Once upon a time there lived three pretty princesses.”
Tiny hands clapped joyously, “Pitty pincesse, pitty pincess!”
A smile stretched across my face, I continued the story, “One princess had long curly locks as red as an apple and she loved glittery dresses. The next had hair as dark as chocolate; she loved books and telling stories. The blond princess liked to play…”
Her tiny hands flipped to the next page. She ran her fingers across the glitter of the princess dress. “Pitty, pitty,” She exclaimed.
With all the hurried turning of the pages story-time was a bit quicker tonight.
“All the princesses were different, and each was beautiful in her own way.” I closed the book, and kissed her cheek.
“Okay baby, time for bed.” I said without a grin.
“Chalky milk,” She demanded.
I stared down at those big eyes, one hand perched on my hip, “You’re stalling, and I’m not falling for it.”
“Daaa, I some chalky milk,” She yelled down the hall.
“No honey, dad knows your tricks too.” I scooped her body up, laid her down, positioned her worn-out blankie next to her soft cheek, the same way I did every night.
“Nigh, nigh I laa you, I said softly as I began to shut the door.”
“Laa ew, nigh, nigh.”
I closed the door, plopped my heavy body on the couch next to my husband, the stress of the day melted, “She down.”
He put his arm around my neck pulled my face closer and kissed me on the cheek, “Laa you,” He said.


  1. Oh, how incredibly sweet. I love being Mom when they are this age - only you know their special little language. Melt.

  2. Awww, this is so sweet. Savour those precious moments. Oh, and the last line? Perfect! :)

  3. Awwww! Toddler-speak is the best. You miss it when it's gone.

  4. I have daughters...3 of them....they're so cute at that age that they could ask me for fireworks and a hammer at that age and I'd consider it.

    sweet post...she adorable mine are 7,8, and ugh 16 now...i miss those days

  5. I love those times. And the adorable way they learn to talk. So cute!

  6. It's so funny how their speech is little and baby and sweet and that fades so quickly. My little guy still has all of those little quirks, and I love it.

  7. Awwww so sweet. I could hear her sweet little voice! It goes by so quickly! I remember my son staying with my mom for a week (my first break). She called and asked me, "What does 'ah ah noy' mean?" I said, "He's asking what's that noise."