Monday, February 20, 2012

A Day in the Life

Milly you woke up this morning read some books, and when I say some, I mean Brown Bear. I’m about to hide that book. 
Then I put on your snowsuit, you played in the snow for awhile. I got the stroller out and you just about climbed in it, and so, for a walk we went. As the birds chirped you excitedly said, “Birdy, birdy!” We came back and you chased this little dog around.
 You don’t love walking in the snow, but once you saw this doggie, no amount of snow could have stopped you. You would bring your hand to your mouth and make a smooch sound. It was your attempt at calling the dog over to you. I don’t know where you learned this, but it was the sweetest dog call I’ve ever witnessed.
When we got back inside, it was full princess gear, more book reading and time to play with your strawberry shortcake house. Next it was time to walk around with mom’s shoes on. Lately you love wearing my shoes around. This was all before nap time mind you. 
 I made a goal not to obligate myself to other duties, except dinner. I promised myself this was not going to be another day, with another list too long to accomplish. I pledged that today I was going to go with the flow. I’m so glad I did, I need to remember that this two year old of mine is a list all of her own. I’ve noticed when I allow myself days like this the joy of motherhood seems a little brighter. 

Milly, thanks for another bright day. I love you.

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  1. so true. being a mom is so much easier and more fun when that is the only thing you let yourself focus on.