Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day

My dears,
What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day? It seems when it comes to this holiday there are only two categories; love or hate. Which do you fall under?
I have a lot of Valentine memories as a kid. My mom would always do something special for us. I would wake up Valentine’s morning and there would, for a number of years, be a new dance leotard. Then it grew into a cute shirt throughout high school and college. When I was in college, for some reason, I loved getting mail. I was elated when I’d have mail around this time of year. I remember one year she sent me a pink chi straightener. I went to work and bragged about it all day. Even today, as an adult, I still get something from my mom on Valentine’s; it kind of makes it sweet.
What do you do for Valentines? Go out for dinner? Stay in and avoid the crowded restaurant scene? Do you do something special for your kids?

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  1. My Mom does fun stuff for us still to! We have great Mothers! I want to carry that on with my kids! It makes the day fun!!