Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bachelor Review: Women Tell All

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Alright, it’s the episode we all live for. Women tell all

Honestly, Chris H. did not disappoint, somehow he amazingly convinced Courtney to show her pouty face. I was honestly excited; I thought she could avoid this seeing as she is in the final two, but nada. 

And when I say convinced I mean abc agreed on some kind of lump sum for Courtney, get half for coming to women tell all and the other half to accept Ben, the ring and his awful hair do. 

First comes first we pick on Blakley for picking on everyone else, makes sense. 

Brittney reveals the real reason she left, was she had no attraction to Ben, finally some honesty. 

Samantha gets really really worked up. Ya, you probably remember Samantha as the girl you thought was 17, and you’d be fairly accurate with that presumption. This chick must have never made it out of high school. 

Brittney calls Samantha a chihuahua. Greatest line of the night, hands down. 

Shawntel comes on the show, honestly this broad loves embarrassing herself. 

Chris talks Shawntel through her heartache. How much do you think Chris charges a session? That man can work wonders. 

Emily takes the hot seat, and says she wouldn’t want a guy who would want Courtney, even I applauded. She also brought up the skinny dipping episode, I do hope they all gang up on him for this. Wow… I just got way too involved. 

Next Chris interviews Nikki and like a concerned father figure gently builds her confidence through some cheesy compliments. 

Then it’s Kacie’s turn. Chris asks some compelling questions. He tilts his head to the side, squints his eyes, stares into her soul and with a calming concern asks, “Were you ready to love?” Oh my, these questions are deep. I honestly think we’re going to lose our beloved Chris to 20/20. 

Finally Courtney arrives on the scene. Her only excuse was that she was uncomfortable living with all the girls. Yes, Courtney you were the only girl living with all the girls. 

The girls harass her, and Courtney apologizes and then cries a lot. No one really bought it. Sorry Courtney. Oh I know, maybe she should have tried her baby talk on the ladies, it worked for Ben. 

Ben comes on, he talks with his hands a lot, but not enough to distract from his hair. Oh my gosh, has no one told him about that hair?!

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