Thursday, March 8, 2012

For Your Entertainment

I'm working on a prompt from Write on Edge, and I can't help but share a website they stumbled upon. It's called This Day in Music.
Look up the hit song the day you were born, or your anniversary, or how about your child's birthday. It's kind of amusing. I did all three.
My birthday song: Can't Fight this Feeling- REO Speedwagon, pretty much sums up the 80's.
Milly's birthday: Tik Tok- Kesha, that song, a shining example for all young girls everywhere; as she sings her way through what seems a drunken rampage. I'm voting this one as the worst.
Then I looked up my husband's, it seemed to be the most appropriate. I think it's fair to say Mason really does light up all our lives..
Listen to this classic HERE.
A big heart felt thanks to Debby Boone, for saying the words I could never quite string together.


  1. Cute! I wanted to participate tomorrow. I'll keep brainstorming. I didn't make a connection with my birthday song and they only other one I picked was for my son which was Drop it like its Hot by Snoop Dog. I don't want to go there on my blog ;-)

  2. Ya. My prompt will be a bit of a stretch.