Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just Another Coupon Mom

You know when you’re shopping online and you’ve finally decided you’ve got to have this product. You rationalize’ thinking you will never find it anywhere else, there will never be a deal like this again and finally you end with, if I don’t click purchase I will stop breathing. So, in order to save your own life, you click, because it was obviously the only sane option.
Then you fill out all your information; name, address, credit card information, and the name of your first born so they can kidnap your child if your credit card doesn’t go through. Next they’ll require some security question which has to do with your great grandmother’s roommate’s boyfriend’s first pet.
At last you reach the end of your journey and they ask for a coupon code. You think to yourself, a coupon code? Aw crap, now I’m the mom without a coupon. I’m the sucker who is going to pay full price for this while Nancy next door, who has perfectly pressed slacks, probably had a coupon for it. She always does. Then after I buy it she’ll tell me, “Oops, I wish I would have given you the coupon, you could have saved a bundle.” You’ll walk home in your wrinkled pants, step into your unkempt house, and first, curse Nancy; secondly you’ll wonder where she gets all these deals?
Well Nancy-up ladies. I just stumbled upon this site called As of yet I have not found a store that they don’t have some kind of coupon for. They have over 50k coupons for over 15000 stores! It’s perfect for online shopping. Some of the coupons have a code while others you just click on, and once you are to the website of your purchase the discount will automatically apply. I also saw quite a few coupons for free shipping, which I have to say is the number one reason I don’t do more online shopping, sometimes the shipping simply doesn’t make it worth it. The moral of this story: I’d make a quick stop at before your next purchase. Simply type in the store at the top and then scroll through to see what kind of savings you can achieve. It’s an easy site to use.
I hope this helps!

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