Monday, April 2, 2012

Funny Girl

Dear Milly,
I have been meaning to sit down and write a little blurb about you for the past three weeks, to remind me of all the funny stuff you’ve been up to lately.
Let us start with a story that I will later tell when you are an adult to embarrass you in front of those you wish to impress. It goes like this:
We were getting ready to head out for a run. I pumped up the tires in the jogging stroller. Filled up a water bottle and grabbed your favorite tag. The last step was to buckle you in and tie up my laces. I was bent over tying up my laces, when you came up behind me and pulled my pants down past my bum. Honestly Milly! What two year old pants’s their mother! I’m just lucky we were still inside at the time. 
You love helmets. You will put on any helmet you can find. You found a hard-hat in the basement and it’s become a popular dress-up item. If your dad or I have left out a ski helmet you are the first to walk around with it looking like a bobble head doll. The other day you found your dad’s bike helmet and you’ve been sporting this look ever since. The thing about you and helmets; you always, without fail, prefer them backwards, like you are some kind of safety gangster. I try to help you put them on correctly so you can see properly, but you immediately place it backwards again. 
You've turned into quite the little helper lately. You helped me sweep the floors yesterday, and you knew right what to do with the dust pan. Which only proves I do clean my house, or at least enough that you notice. 
You love playing outside. You ask me, “Side, please, side.” And we usually find ourselves outside blowing bubbles, bubbles being another one of your continual requests.
You continue to put on mom and dad’s shoes and stomp around the house. You run everywhere you go; walking is no longer an option for you. You have turned into quite the climber. The other day you climbed up on the counter (I had no idea you could climb the bar-stool), and by the time I found you, you were elbow deep in a bag of cookies with a face full of chocolate. 
You love going to Aunt Klair’s house. The other night we went to pick you up from Klair’s and you wouldn’t stop cuddling up to your cousin Dallin. You love those boys, and they’re equally as crazy about you.  
You’ve got the cutest most endearing smile I’ve ever seen.
Milly, we love so much.
Love Mama


  1. HA HA H! I'm so glad you wrote these down! I need to do that!

  2. We LOVE having Milly come over! She has our full attention the entire time....all five of us! I don't know any 11 or 8 year old boys who would leave from playing with their friends, so that they could come play with their 2 year old cousin, but mine love it!