Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just a Joke

This post was prompted by Write on Edge. Playing up the April Fools theme they challenged us to write about a time when a joke took on  a life of its own in 350 words or less. This story immediately took the front row in my memory. 
photo credit: Pinterest
Just after the last bell rang and graduation parties had come to a close me and a few close friends took off to Hawaii for our big senior trip. We would be scattered across colleges soon enough, and this was to be the last big hoorah. 

I had a semi-serious boyfriend at home. My friends and I decided it might be fun to play a little joke on him while I was in Hawaii.

We were in town eating Hawaiian shaved ice. My cell came up with a few bars, and it was then and there I made the call. 

“Ya, hi Justin, can you hear me?”

“Hi babe how’s your trip?” 

“It’s wonderful, hey listen I have something I have to tell you.”

 “Okay, shoot.”

“I know this is spontaneous and so not me, but I sort of got this rare opportunity to stay here for the summer.”

More silence on his end, this only caused me to ramble excessively.

“I got a job at this smoothie place and Stacy got a job at some T-shirt shop. We’re going to stay at her grandpa’s house rent free! I know it’s a little crazy but it just kind of all came together.”

I was a little nervous at this point, yet me friends kept egging me on. So I just kept talking.

“I just feel like, when in my life will I ever have this chance, it’s perfect timing, my one last adventure before I go off to school.”

Finally breaking his silence, “Okay, well good luck then.” 

I let him sweat it out for a day and then I called to let him in my joke. He was relieved and I thought, that- was- that. 

Little did I know two could play at this game. 

Upon my return he kindly put my Toyota Tercel up for sell in a Spanish newspaper and conveniently 
provided my cell number. For weeks I had calls, strictly in Spanish, inquiring about my low-priced vehicle.

 Yes. He trumped me. Never again did I ever play a practical joke on Justin.

Yes, he trumped me. I never again played a practical joke on Justin. 


  1. That is great! You could have some serious prank wars with him!

  2. Haha!!! I love that he just came back with another prank!

  3. I take it you don't speak Spanish!

  4. He got you good! Haha!

  5. Oooh...what a cad! He got you! And your joke wasn't even that mean...

  6. Your prank was cute. His prank was really awesome! Very funny! Love the turn around.

  7. Oh my GOD - he waited until you got back and picked a SPANISH LANGUAGE paper. That's great!!

  8. Ooooh, yours was funny, but his was hilarious. I can't imagine the first couple of times you got calls about it. When did he finally admit to doing it?