Thursday, March 15, 2012

So Smitten

I’ve been asked to participate in an affiliate program with appSmitten, and I will receive a small payment for newsletter subscribers. Photo courtesy of
There’s an app for everything, right? I honestly think if there was an alien who had just arrived on earth and was craving Chinese food there would be an app highlighting all the alien-friendly chinese restaurants within a 12 mile radius.
So how do you sift through them all? What ones are for you? What app cannot you not live without? What app makes your heart swoon and fingers tingle as they glide along your iphone, bragging to your friends about the app you just downloaded. Well, appASmitten can make all your little idreams come true. Do yourself a favor and check it out here.

If you still don’t believe me here are a few quick facts....

appSmitten hand-selects the best apps and sends recommendations directly to people's inboxes

appSmitten focuses on finding the apps that are worth downloading - the ones that will keep you organized, entertained and productive

There are over 1 million apps out there and finding the best ones is like finding a needle in a haystack so appSmitten is doing it for you.

appSmitten is a free newsletter that covers the best apps for iPhone, iPad and Android

appSmitten offers bite-sized app recommendations from a trusted source so you don't have to go hunting to find good apps.

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