Monday, April 16, 2012

1,825 Days

Last year I revealed my little tradition surrounding our anniversary. Each year I write a quick blurb, in a loosley based timeline structure to remind us of the events surrounding the past year. The story of how I came to do this is here.
This year I remained loyal to my goal. Our Fifth Anniversary was saturday. We went out to dinner Friday night, as soon as we ordered I handed Mason the timeline. He always gets a laugh out of it. I look forward to the day when we can read through 50 timelines.

If you are interested in this year's summary...

1825 Days

Mason and Lindy move to a new home in May.

Mason gets a three car garage and immediately begins to pour his heart into it.

The garage, now more decorated than the house, is furnished with a sink, an expensive overhead shelving system. A perfectly manicured bike area surrounded by posters, signs, bib numbers and awards.

While Lindy still hasn’t organized her shoes.

They love their new home they also love that Terrri is jealous of their yard.

The couple enjoys their new neighborhood and has even made some new friends.

Mason becomes the neighborhood fitness host. He begins planning bike rides and carpool schedules for cross fit. (It’s like I’m living with Richard Simmons, only instead of short shorts its long spandex.)

Lindy doesn’t have to do all this and somehow she still has more friends in the new area, just saying.

Milly finally begins to walk at 17.5 months. (We wouldn’t want you strain yourself little one.)

Milly begins to attend nursey, she loves it. Singing time is her favorite because it allows her to explore new dance moves.

This little family spends many weekends at Bear Lake. Milly gets to go tubing with mom. Mason, Lindy, Dad, Ryan and Dane take a family bike ride around the lake.

Logan tries to tend Milly, but reports to his mother in an out-of-breath fashion, “Mom, that baby is just too crazy for me.” This pretty much sums up our little Milly.

Milly and her cousin Reese become bosom buddies.

Mason gets called to scouts AGAIN. The couple also team teaches Sunday for the 14-15 year olds. Mason likes it, Lindy’s trying to.

The family spent a day at the Hogle Zoo with Carissa’s family. Milly was so excited at each exhibit she began to shake. Yes, Milly vibrates when she’s excited.

Milly and her dad LOVE animals. Lindy is confused by this.

Milly is in love with any and all dogs. Lindy is confused by this.

Klair becomes an official date-night sitter for Milly. In return Mason steals all her sauerkraut.

Mason and Milly work on fish tank projects together, and spend most evenings working in the garage. Lindy has no idea what they do out there and she really doesn’t care.

Lindy competes in a freezing triathlon, where her water bottle breaks and Mason is there to help her finish the run and keep her from crying.

Mason has become quite the morning person. He rises early for bike rides, golf games and workouts. He’s always been the more ambitious of the two.

Lindy competes in the Spudman where she makes the both of them stay in a very scary motel. Lindy is still apologizing for this one.

Mason takes Milly Trick or treating and shows her off to all his work colleagues. Cutest little fairy you’ve ever seen.  

Mason’s birthday was one for the books. He golfed on December 10th! This little family made a trip to St. George to thaw out, golf and swim. Thanks Mike and Terri.

Just before Milly’s 2nd Birthday the couple find out they will be having another!

Their new arrival is expected to be here in October.

Mason and Lindy are excited and nervous. Excited as they see how cute their little Milly is and nervous when they see little Milly turn into an absolute monster.

Lindy, even in early pregnancy, becomes Lazy, fat and tired. Mason is slowly going gray. Somehow Mason is pulling this transition off nicely while Lindy…not so much.

Lindy is now part of a book club and never fails to tune into “The Bachelor.” She’s obviously becoming more and more interesting as the years pass by.

Cache Valley had a mild winter making for a horrible ski season.

Although it did give ample opportunity for Milly to tag along on quite a few ski days. She even went night skiing!

After a few fights with Milly her parents won the battle and now she voluntarily puts on her snow cloths.  

Milly hates Santa.

Milly loves skiing on her Dad’s back and exclaims, “wee, wee” as he goes down the hill.

Lindy discovered pinterest and then got Terri hooked. Mason and Mike are most likely planning an intervention.

Lindy’s birthday ended with a shopping excursion to the new City Creek center, where Mason surprised her by being a “good” shopper. Thanks Mom and Dad.

Easter rolled around. Milly proved to be an aggressive Easter egg hunter but a poor ropes course competitor.

Tonight Mason and Lindy celebrate their fifth anniversary. They will refelct over a terribly inaccurate timeline and realize just how great life has been to them.

Mason thank you for another wonderful year. I love you with all my heart.

Happy Anniversary



  1. I LOOOOVE that you do this! Such a fun tradition. Stop being so cute! :-) You guys are one of my most favorite couples, for so many reasons! Also, you are a smokin hot. .. always have been. You were a smokin hot bride, look at that picture!!!! LOVE IT! And you're smokin hot now! Teach me your ways!

    1. I just try to emulate you in every way and somehow I end up morphing into this amazing woman.. I really should thank you.