Monday, April 23, 2012

An Earth Day Miracle

I know Earth Day is behind us, I planned on delivering this story to you on that day, but obviously that didn’t happen.
I am the second girl in a line of three girls. (Dad, notice I said second not middle.) Naturally I received a lot of hand-me-downs from my older sister. The problem was she is a lot taller than me, making me appear as if I was in a constant state of playing dress-up.
 What does this story have to do with Earth Day?
Well, there is one specific hand-me-down that is forever sketched in my memory. A big green parka, yes kids, we use to call them parkas. This green dream had sleeves that were about a forearm to long for my arms, rolling this beauty up was not option, the puffiness prevented such innovations. The buttons were different colors and I seem to recall some purple adornments on the front. Here’s the kicker. On the sleeve of this parka was a big patch. The patch had a blue and green earth globe, the wording around the globe exclaimed, “Save the Earth.” This “Save the Earth” parka has made its place in our Phippen Family History. My older sister’s defense is always the same. “What? I was into recycling.” Well, evidently so was I. As a child I saved this earth one hand-me-down at a time.

Happy Belated Earth Day.

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