Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Technical Difficulties

If I were Milly I would cup my hands around my chubby cheeks and say, "Oh no, sad." For I am sad, I have not been able to load pictures from my camera onto my computer since last week. When I plug the camera in my computer it just says, "Cannot find any pictures or videos on this device." Has this ever happened to any of you? I'm not sure if it is my camera or my computer.
And here's the real kicker, I had Easter pictures on there! I also had a few other posts worked up, that I'd rather not do without the accompaniment of an image or two. Oh, no SAD. Help.


  1. I hate tech issues. I'm sorry I'm of no help. Just reading this makes me want to beat someone up.

  2. Can you still see the pictures on your camera? Also, is there another way to plug your camera into your computer, either using a memory card or a USB port. sometimes different options like that work. That happened to me once, and I switched the way I imported my pictures and rebooted the computer and it worked. Annoying problem!