Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thoughts on Having a Boy

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Coming away from the ultra sound after hearing, “Everything looks great.” has to be one of life’s greatest miracles.

When I was pregnant with Milly I really had no thoughts about what flavor we would be having.

Though, this time I was under the influence of my two year old daughter, who had for weeks, told us she was having a “siser.” Each time we would ask her, no matter how we would ask her, her reply was quick and consistent, “siser.”

By the time we arrived at the ultra sound I was sure Milly knew more than we did. She had me more convinced than even I knew.

Mason said I let out a “what” in a little louder than socially acceptable tone when she told us it was a boy.

After the news I was in a bit of a frenzy with a hint of excitement and confusion.

I immediately bought some boy clothes. It was weird. I realized I never look at boy clothes. It felt almost odd skipping over the girlie things.

Coming from a family of all girls I’m a little anxious about having a boy. I feel like I’m venturing into a sea of unknown.

Milly is still in denial. When I tell her, “You are having a brother.” She immediately replies, “siser.”

Although when we ask her what she wants to name her brother she says, “Nemo.” She has even pointed to my stomach while exclaiming, “Nemo.” Come to think of it, a little nemo would be a lot easier to push out. And we know Mason likes himself a good clown fish.

I keep on wondering if he will look different from Milly. I kind of can’t imagine it.

There are a lot of big as well as little penis jokes when you tell people you are having a boy. These jokes are only made by males and I have yet to hear one with any originality.


  1. Congrats! Can't wait to see the little guy. I'm sure he'll be adorable. And there is something about a little boy that a mama can't explain until she experiences it herself. It's so sweet. Trust me. :)

  2. Oh so happy for you!! Boys are so much fun and easy going!

  3. It's so fun either way! But having one of each kind of takes the pressure off for future genders ;) They come sooo different from girls. You will love seeing how different they are. My kids are best friends and similar in age difference as yours. Good luck! I am very excited for you.

  4. Congrats! And speaking of penis's, when you change his diaper point it down. I learned the hard way and ended up with a lot of wet clothes. Just thought you should know! No need to thank me!

  5. That is awesome! So excited for you guys. It is so fun to have one of each :)

  6. CONGRATS!!! That's so exciting!!! I didn't know, that's so fun!! I have lots of boy cloths that I'll sort through so I can pass them on to you:)