Thursday, May 24, 2012

What she's been up to

Milly, you're growing up so fast. Lately you love riding your trike. You always want to ride it to go see the horses.
 You are going through a drumming stage. Somehow you turn everything into drums. When we're outside it's the power boxes. When we're inside it's two cans of peaches, a container of salt and a box of cocoa.
 You ask to wear your pink glasses. You love being outside. You like to run really fast, but lately you run with a little skip in your stride. It's too cute.
 You love going to Aunt Klair's to see the boys. You absolutely love all animals, especially dogs.
You are very outgoing. You're always going up to strangers and talking to them. Dad says you get it from Grandma. You are the friendliest, greatest gal around. Mom and Dad love you with all their hearts.

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  1. She looks so old in these. What a doll!