Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bachelorette Review: Week 4

Photo Courtesy of facebook
Yes, the first scene did show Michael (the long haired guy) with a yellow head band on.

Our helpful host enters the room to announce Emily and her groupies will be traveling to Bermuda. I was more caught off guard by the shirt Chris was wearing than by the bright yellow male headband. Did you see it? It was some kind of floral number with purple cuffs. Modern Family’s Cameron is going to have to start charging Chris Rent on these ridiculous ensembles.

Doug, oh wait you don’t know his as Doug, I mean THE WORLD’S MOST GLORIOUS DAD, now you’re with me aren’t you? Ya, so WMGD gets the one-on-one.

WMGD sulks around the house and pretends he’s nervous for his date with Emily. The guys tried to joke around with him, and he got unnecessarily angry.

Emily likes herself an angry dude doesn’t she? If you ask me WMGD has Brad written all over him.

Oh, next shot, Michael is now wearing a blue headband. They’re actually kind of cute. I wonder where he gets them.

Emily and WMGD end their date with dinner. Emily proceeds to quiz this perfect specimen because she’s suspicious of Mr. Perfect. He list one of his flaws as, “I spend too much time with my son.” I mean really? He’s the guy in the job interview, when asked about his weakness says, “I’m just one of those guys who likes long hours and hates weekends.” Emily can we just call this what it is, WMGD is BSing us. Can we move on already?

Next up, we have a sailing competition disguised as a group date. Two groups of men battle at sea for time with Emily.

Jef comes out on top of the group date with a rose. Though, honestly, as far as the sailing is concerned I thought Jef had an unfair advantage. I mean, his hair already looks a little wind-blown. Not cool Jef, not cool.

John and Nate are granted a two-on-one. Two things come to mind: A) I’m using the term two-on-one. B) I know what this term means.

Nate is sent home, we didn’t really get to know him. He’s an accountant, seemed kind of normal, naturally not a fit for this show.

Meanwhile Ryan (the egotistical athlete) is making his way as the villain of the house. Yes, every season has to have one.

Ryan hints that Emily may make a first-class trophy wife. Ya, let’s keep him afloat. Seems like a good idea.  
Jef wears blue knee high socks with shorts to the rose ceremony. Jef have a little respect for the holiness of this event dude.

Ryan tells Michael, if it doesn’t work out with Emily he’ll just become the next Bachelor. Michael looks at Ryan like he’s crazy, but does not make a huge scene, threaten his life while reporting it to every guy in the house.  What?! Michael this was not the right way to respond!

In the end Michael is sent home.

Dear Michael, you obviously did not prove yourself to be an angry egotistical A-hole. Therefore we can no longer accept you a viable candidate for Emily. Sorry.

Charlie is also sent home, he seemed kind of nice too.

This journey is going to journey to London, where we will complete another chapter in our journey. I hope you’ll find it in your hearts to continue this journey with me.


  1. Glad you commented on Jef's socks! Gross!

  2. The socks were horrible...but totally "Jef" he has always had a weird sense of style. I was tickled to see him be himself. However, she knows ryan is a gamer and she still keeps him. Drama!!