Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bachelorette Review: Week 7

Our journey takes us to Prague this week. Six men remain which mean two hearts need to be broken to get us ready for hometown dates.
Arie gets the one-on-one. This is when our kind and generous host steps in and exposes the rumors surrounding the relationship Arie had with one of the producers.
They reveal an interview by said producer detailing what Emily thinks of Arie not telling her. It goes back and forth and is completely fruitless in its conclusion.
Chris tells us that she and Arie talk it out and the one-on-one ends in fireworks. I knew what those two had couldn’t be wrecked by a little lie.
Arie says, “He feels like he’s on top of the world.” It’s an honest misunderstanding he was on top of a really big boat at the time.
The great news about this whole ordeal falls upon Chris. He finally got to say more than, “This is the final rose.” Chris, congratulations on earning ¼ of that bloated paycheck of yours. You are amazing.
Next John, who interestingly enough, really likes to wear cowboy boots, gets the one-on-one.
They visit the John Lennon wall, and also a site where you put a lock on a fence to symbolize lasting love. Their lock malfunctioned which caused great, and of course legitimate, worry on Emily’s end.
Next they have dinner in a dungeon. Didn’t John’s last date end on a dungeon, or was it a prison? Is that weird? I wonder why he won’t open up.
Here’s the real problem with John. He seems kind of normal and did not once look at the blond stranger sitting across from him and claim he wanted to marry and have children with her. That and a malfunctioning lock will be his demise. Mark my words.
Back at the house we hear Chris whining about how he may not get a one-on-one.
The entire episode is continuously interrupted by interviews with Chris whining, crying and whining. It was not annoying or repetitive. Between him and Doug’s constant need to mention his son I’m about to lose it.
Sean, Doug and Chris get the group date.
Oh and then Chris whines and cries because he didn’t get a one-on-one.
But the good news is if she ends up with Chris it will be like she has two six year olds which would probably thrill Emily. I guess it could work.
Emily sends Doug home on the group date. He was totally surprised. I mean you guys he is a SINGLE DAD. Did you know that?
This caused the group date to become a painfully awkward two-on-one, where Sean and Chris are given keys, to spend some one-on-one time with her. One key was much bigger than the other and that key was given to Sean and consequently so was the rose. I know Emily’s a lady, but the woman has needs my friends, and the biggest key won.
Chris was very upset by this. So he whined and cried.
Sean does the famous sneak out to see Emily. He runs out the house and starts yelling, “Emily, Emily.” I was desperately wishing he would end it, “Where art thou Emily?” She would have eaten that shit up. Am I right?
I loved how he acted like he was going to be searching the streets of Prague all night. Sean you’re not exactly conspicuous with a camera crew running behind you, but it’s cute how you pretended.
Next Jef gets a one-on-one. They peruse the city of Prague and end up buying puppets so they can talk to each other. I know, it was so adorable. Then they lay on the ground of a library together and completely “connect.”
Begging the question, is “connect” the new “journey.”
Then DUN.DUN.DUN. the rose ceremony goes underway with no cocktail party. I know you were all so shocked.
It comes down between John and Chris. Chris interrupts and I don’t know how, but convinces her to keep him.
Does is seem like she babies Chris? Well I guess mothering is kind of her thing so Chris may be just the guy for her.
Next week we have home town dates! Can I get a woot, woot!?

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