Monday, June 11, 2012

Movie Review: What to Expect

Mason and I saw this over the weekend. Yes, we went to dinner and a movie without using the convenience of a drive through and red box. I’m sort of proud of us. Mason was very reluctant to see this movie; he kept suggesting we see any other movie but this one. So I did what any mature person would have done in this situation and pretended to have a hearing problem each time he voiced his opinion.

I ended up loving this movie; I thought it was humorous and sweet. I enjoyed how they tried to encompass the many ways people go about having families. I also thoroughly enjoy when other people can point out the crazy things pregnancy does to you. I always hope Mason thinks I’m a little less full of shit if he hears someone else say it.
Here’s the kicker. Even Mason liked it. So, there you go. 

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