Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bachelorette Review: Week 8

Hometown Dates! 

Our journey begins in Chicago where we have the privilege of meeting Chris’s family. 

We find out Chris is Polish. To date this is the most interesting thing we have learned about Chris. 

His family was unfortunately quite normal. His polish dad had a thick accent and sported a gold necklace.
Chris’s sister was skeptical and suggested she break it off sooner rather than later if he wasn’t going to be the one. As you know Emily heeds her advice.

Next we’re off to St. George, UT to meet Jef”s family. We don’t meet his parents because they are obviously mission presidents. Oops, I mean they are doing charity work (wink, wink). 

Jef takes her to his family’s impressive ranch. They shoot clay pigeons and start a wildfire..no not really, but they do go shooting and Emily is quite good and didn’t miss a target.

Emily meets Jef’s big Mormon family. Do you think she knows Jef was raised as a MO?

Jef’s siblings interview Emily and of course they think Jef and Emily are about the cutest couple in the world. Too bad the other three families thought that as well. 

The day ends with Jef reading Emily a letter he wrote. You know I say this every season, but if you read a letter, or make some sort of scrapbook it will plunge you into the final two or better yet secure you as the fake finance for about eight weeks or so. This was a smart move by Jef, he must have done his homework, and watched past seasons.

Our journey goes to Arizona next where we meet Arie on the race track. You guys, Emily loves that he races. He took her for a spin and then they had a picnic. Evidently one must have a picnic prepared for a hometown date.

While picnicking Arie reveals his dad was a racer and is a two time Indie 500 winner. Crazy, right? 

His parents, as Arie puts it, are very European. And they were the most unique family of the night. 

At one point his family speaks about Emily in Dutch in front of her. Kind of rude. Arie quickly puts a stop to it. 

His mom looked a little like Mickey Rourke, when Mickey is wearing makeup of course. 

Next our journey journeys us to Dallas to meet Sean’s family. 

First we meet Sean’s dogs and then it’s on to his perfect family.

Sean then tells Emily his shocking secret. He still lives at home! He takes her upstairs to show his messy room adorned with an embarrassing amount of stuffed animals, half eaten cookies and dirty clothes. Emily is very turned off by this. 

Then he tells Emily it was joke. You guys, it was honestly funny. He had his whole family in on the joke. Do you know what this means!? Someone on the bachelor has a sense of humor. Where’s Chris when you need him, “For the first time in the history of Bachelorette someone made a joke.”

When Emily leaves he chases after her car yelling, “Emily, Emily!” Where have we seen this before? Oh yeah, last week. Should have gone with a letter, Sean. 

Emily gives Chris the boot. FINALLY! He is of course angry, and throws a fit. Oh Chris.
Next week this journey will take us to the Caribbean with the final three. Thanks for taking this journey with me. I’m falling for you.

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