Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thoughts on Motherhood: Round 2

Oh goodness. Meeting your baby for the first time is emotionally overwhelming.
Looking at him, discovering he has ten fingers, ten toes and looks perfect has to be one of life's greatest miracles.
He looks like Milly did in a lot of ways, except he has even more hair. Mason and I have monkey children.. that's just a fact.
The sleep deprivation is a little worse this time around because little miss 2 yr. old thinks I should still care for her as well. What?
Nursing has gone much better the second time around. Thank goodness.
I'm writing this post as fast as I can because baby needs to eat again.
Milly had a rough first couple of days, but she seems to be adjusting a little better each day.
Milly says his name perfectly and it's adorable.
Milly looks huge and grown up and I can't believe within 2 years she went from tiny baby to bubbling toddler.
My mom (Couldn't have survived the forst week without her!) was here for the entire first week and since she left Mason has been here. Meaning I have been alone with my two children for a total of twenty minutes. I'm a little nervous to do two kids for real.
I have so much more to tell you... but I'm high demand.
Signing off for today.


  1. What a great mother you have!! I'm so glad you are home and settled! What a little miracle he is! Can't wait to come see him! Love you!

  2. Congrats you guys! So glad he made it here safely. Don't be nervous. My first was so much harder then second. By now you are already in mothering mode and will handle it with flying colors! Hope to see you guys soon.