Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bigger Things

Today  I met a milestone. Milestone? I don't know if that's the right word, but somehow I need to convey the significance of the event which I conquered. Drumroll please...
I took my two children with me in public all by myself! Both were fed, both had dry pants both were secured in car seats and there I was driving to the Doctor's with two kids in tow. What? I must be amazing or something? Can you imagine what I'd be able to accomplish if only I had some sleep. I dream of the day.
Anyway little things like this make me think that one day I could do bigger things. Things that aren't completley absorbed with mommyhood. When I decided to accept ads on this little blog I had to techinically start my own small business. While I don't exactly have the time or energy to fully pursue what I'd like this blog to be I have done a bit of research on small businesses. One source I came across calls themselves Kabbage they focus on small business loans. I bring this to your attention because most of my readers are women. Did you know in the U.S. more women own their own businesses than do men? Anyway, I conclude this randome excerpt and just say... If you're interested in taking that next step you should check out loans for business at

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  1. That is huge! I remember the feeling!! You're awesome! Love you!