Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Today I am grateful for the M's in my life.
Milly, I am thankful that you are the happy healthy bubbling toddler that you are. I am thankful that you are all tutu and princess one minute and the next you have us calling you doggy and answering us in only ruff tones while asking us to turn your bed into a dog house. You are funny, imaginative, and I hope you never stop shaking when you get excited.

Mack, You are this season's miracle. Your dad and I feel too blessed to have not one but two healthy kids come to us. You have a sweet demeanor and I can't stop kissing your precious little face. You are an adorable baby. People stop me wherever I go just to grab a glance of you. And then they undoubtedly exclaim, "That hair!" Mack your full head of hair has everyone shocked. You have been a calm presence in our home and I pray I can be the mom for you that you need me to be.

Mason, You have made this charmed life we all live possible. I love you more with every passing year. You are a better husband, father and person than I ever thought I could be matched with.

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