Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy Birthday: Milly turns 3!

Dear Milly,
I cannot believe you are three! It is a very snowy birthday for you, it seems only appropriate seeing as the day we took you home from the hospital we had just been hit by a big storm and your dad claimed he was tempted to go skiing. Don’t worry Milly, I didn’t find it to be funny either. 
Milly at this stage in your life you are fixated on princesses. I don’t know how this came about but this phase is here and it’s intense. You have been wearing your Cinderella dress every day since Christmas. I make you wear normal clothes when we leave the house due to the freezing weather we have been having, but as soon as soon as we get back home you immediately take off all your clothes and grab that Cinderella dress. When you are not wearing your dress-up you are found in some kind of dress. You detest wearing pants. 
You continually beg to visit Macee’s house and Cadence’s house. I think because they have some of the best dress-ups on the block. You love playing with your friend Gretchen. You are very social, and would rather be anywhere but at home.
You have turned into an amazing older sister. You enjoy feeding Mack a bottle. You cannot go to bed without kissing Mack on the forehead. You try to soothe him when he’s crying and when people ask you about Mack you say, “Mack, he’s so cute.” 

Lately you have been singing, “God Bless America.” And the “ABC” song. Over Christmas you could not get enough of, “Joy to the World.” You also sing along to Alicia Keys current hit, “Girl on Fire.” It’s hilarious. 

You now say your prayers and, oh my goodness, it is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. When you say them before you go to bed it usually makes up for whatever naughtiness you’ve participated in throughout the day. 

You continue to love nursery and you have done so well at pre-school. I love just listening to you talk and sing and be you. 
For your birthday you asked for a purple cake and a Cinderella Crown. Happy Birthday sweetie.  

Milly, I feel continually blessed to be your mom. 
I love you with all of my heart.


  1. That Milly is absolutely darling! I loved reading all of these sweet things about her. She is lucky to have you as a mama.

  2. What a little darling! I love her! And that cake is so cute, nice work Momma!

  3. she is so cute! I can't believe she is three already!