Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bachelor Review: Sean Episode 9

Down to the final three and its overnight date time. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

Lindsay takes her turn in the sack I mean on the date first. They go to a market in Thailand wherein she eats bugs for Sean. Nothing says I love you like bug breath.

They feed monkeys and show us plenty of swimsuit shots of the adorable couple.
The humidity really isn’t doing Lindsay any favors. But the poor thing professes her love anyway.

Sean starts really building up Lindsay. Saying he can see the two of them married and picking out a house together. My question: How can Lindsay just leave behind her major career as substitute teacher? Such a sacrifice.

Next AshLee and Sean have their one on one. They swim through a cave to arrive at a private beach. The swimming through the cave part was suppose to be risky (I guess it would have been had an entire camera crew not been with them.) This experience allowed AshLee to trust Sean, just like she would have to in a normal relationship… blah..blah..blah.. Eating bugs, swimming through caves, repelling off a mountain this is the kind of stuff real everyday life is made up of making the simile entirely accurate. Good job ABC.

AshLee says she LOVES Sean. How many times is the girl with the wall built up going to say she LOVES him. AshLee the wall is broken and it seems you’ve now got a broken chain link fence that even your little puppy could surpass. Oops-a-daisy.

AshLee gets nervous about the overnight part, but goes for it anyway, so they can, “Spend more time together.” So that’s what the kids are calling it these days.

Next Catherine and Sean sail away to go snorkeling. She got the best date. They talk about their journey, marriage and their connection. Because there will be no talk about hobbies, interests, work or real life, this is the Bachelor, damn it!
Catherine starts talking about how she is nervous for the overnight. And Sean, the dope lets her go on and on.

Ladies, ladies, ladies… eat bugs, jump off cliffs, but giving it up?… You’ll regret it, or at least that’s what your Dad and Chris Harrison would advise.

Then they bring back the last pathetic plea videos. They haven’t done this in a while. Basically they all tell him they love them. But AshLee, she breaks down, repeatedly, as she tells Sean what he has done for her. The poor thing, they really should have let her take her label maker with her to Thailand. She just can’t deal.

In the end Ashley, despite wearing the boobiest dress we’ve seen on the Bachelor thus far, gets the boot.

I really thought he’d take one look at those boobies and change his mind….

You know how when the ladies get dumped they cry and carry on saying they don’t understand. Well AhLee did no such thing and I LOVED it. No crying, no words, no body contact, just cold and fierce eye contact.

Come on Chris H. that had to make some kind of Bachelor history.

Okay, who will it be? Catherine or Lindsay?

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  1. I liked that she didn't cry right away, too. I was hoping she wouldn't at all, but then she broke down! They all break down! But, I loved the attitude she showed him. Very cold. Meeeooooow