Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dear Baby Boy,

Dear Mack,
I have written bits and pieces of this letter everyday in my head and I regret not taking the time to write it all down.
Mack, you are truly the most handsome boy I have ever seen. People comment, he has such striking features. You really do baby, your nose is perfect. Your eyes are big and brown and that smile of yours is infectious in every way.
You came into this world as kind of a fussy little thing. You seemed uncomfortable most of the time. When you were going through this rough patch I was constantly worried about you. I tried so many things to soothe you. I could hardly sleep because my mind yearned to find the answer. Finally, we got you on some medicine for reflux, even though you didn’t show the normal symptoms. I’m so glad we did because you seem to be feeling much better. You smile more and like I commented to your dad the other day, “He’s kind of turning into a dream baby.”
Mack, you are an intense little guy. You sit under your little toys and your legs move with such vigor, it has me thinking I’m going to be exhausted just trying to keep up with you when you can put those fierce legs into action.
Baby boy, the first time I held you right after you were born you seemed familiar. You looked almost exactly like your sister and I had the thought, yep, this boy is mine. As if there was no question. As I hold you and kiss you I find myself repeating this same sentiment, “This boy is mine.” Your father accuses me of kissing you too much, but Mack, I cannot help myself. I know there will be one day when you will not allow me to hug and kiss you and so I am taking full advantage before that day arrives.
Mack, you’ve got the cutest little laugh and find myself misshaping my face trying to get a little giggle from you, because your laugh brightens my day.
You still have a head full of dark hair and this seems to shock everyone who sees you.
My darling, I want you to know that your big sister absolutely LOVES you. She kisses you before she goes to bed every night. She rubs your forehead in an attempt to soothe you. She gets very concerned when you’re upset. Just the other day someone was looking at you and she put her arms around you and said, “My baby.” She was scared they would take you away from her.  

My darling boy, having you, being with you, kissing your sweet face has been one of my life’s greatest privileges. In even my shortest prayer I thank God for thinking enough of me to send me someone like you.
Love you with all of my heart,


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  1. OH MY GOODNESS! Cutest baby boy ever!! RIGHT?!? He's just darling!