Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Am I The Only Mom without an iPhone?

Over the weekend we took our kids to the famous Baby Animal Days. Milly was in heaven. I was in Mommy guilt Hell because I forgot my camera.
Milly took a little horse back ride and wore a purple barbie helmet while riding. It was the most adorable thing I've ever seen in my life, I mean I was beaming. Mason was right by her and I was off to the side with Mack. Mason yells over to me, "Hey, get out your phone out and take a picture." I looked at him like, hello Mason have you seen my phone? He knows my purple little phone can't manage a picture more than five inches away from the desired object. Needless to say I was embarrassed on a few levels. I really need to step into this century and get a better phone. If you are shopping for a new phone as I am you can find more here.
There she is. What a beut.


  1. I have a ghetto flip phone...but you know what? It can get dropped, slobbered on, played with....whatever. It never breaks and I never feel guilty for spending a gazillion on a phone when these things happen. I've been there though, I always feel like a loser pulling out my real camera...

    1. Thanks Kim. You make some valid points... It's good to know the two of us are keeping it real.

  2. Yes. I know. This post was a bazillion years ago. I don't blog much lately. Sorry! N'ways....you probably have a new phone by now but I still have an old school phone with no data. Just nothing! It texts and makes phone calls. The end!