Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter is Milly's kind of holiday. She participated in three Egg Hunts. Ate lots and lots of candy and woke up to a new dress on Easter Sunday. I want her life.
Milly age 3. Mack age 6 months. I love these little kids.


  1. Oh my goodness Miss Lindy, you have the two most adorable kids I have ever seen!! They're so cute and still look so different, at least in the pictures you post.
    And Milly... Oh that girl. She ALMOST makes me think I could enjoy having a girl.

    1. Melynde,
      You're the sweetest. You could handle a gal like Milly. I promise.

  2. UMMM HELLO GORGEOUS!!! You look beautiful! And Mack, stop being so cute! I want to just eat him up. And little Miss Milly, ADORABLE!! LOVE THIS!!