Thursday, January 16, 2014

For the Love of Reading

I sat down to write another book review. Are you sick of those yet? Then I thought about why I love to read so much and I got all sentimental about it. Ah sweet.
The truth is my mom taught me to LOVE reading. I have never known my mom to not have a book to read. Really, call her up right now she will be in the middle of a book. If she has just finished one, she has started another, guaranteed. It’s my opinion she single handedly keeps her local libraries in circulation and the Barnes and Noble in Sandy, UT really should have some kind of statue of her. On one occasion I remember she had just completed another novel it had to be about 8 pm and she rushed to Barnes and Noble, it closes at 9, to get another book because how could she wait till morning?

My mom has a myriad of talents, but her most unusual one has to be her ability to pick books for other people. She has actually given Mason a few, she’ll hand it over to me, “He’ll like this.” Then he devours it in three days, comes up for air, and says, “That was a good book.” For my young cousins she is the aunt who buys book, “Here Hunter, you’ll like this.”

Before books came to us electronically one of my mother’s dilemmas was packing for a trip. Not because of her wardrobe, but because how do you pack a pile of books? She knew she couldn’t bring just one, she’d finish it, then what would she do?

Her passion has proved to be contagious. My family, every member, usually has a book they are reading. We sit around and talk about what we just read, what we are reading and if we liked it.

My mom has taught me SO much, but this lesson, the lesson of reading, has been a real gem. I think I lean on it a little more since becoming a SAHM. I’m becoming a little more like my mom in this respect. Hardly a day goes by when I haven’t read, even if it was just for ten minutes. Reading has become my new calm. Mason knows it’s been a rough day at home when I request, “Can I please just have ten minutes to read my book.” He’ll take the kids out of my room and I sit in my reading chair soak up a few words and forget about the world for just a few moments.

Thank you, Mom.

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