Sunday, January 12, 2014


Years and years ago I watched a documentary highlighting Jerry Seinfeld. I like him. I also like his wife’s cookbooks because they present super healthy kid friendly meals. When I use her recipes I feel like I’m some kind of high class skinny bitch. Is there any better feeling in the world? 

Sorry, back to Jerry’s documentary. I rented it in college, when Blockbuster was still a thing. I sat down with my, then boyfriend, and soaked up every bit of it. He was too distracted by the language to truly appreciate it. This may be, in part, why the relationship went sour. 

A large portion of the documentary is dedicated to Seinfeld mentoring an up and coming comedian. This comedian is continually frustrated by his lack of success. He’s good. He’s funny. He knows he is funny. Hell, even Jerry knows he is funny. This poor guy is pleading with Jerry. “Why, oh why, can I not catch a break? I’m doing stand-up three nights a week. I continually work on new material. I get one rave review after another. Why oh I why?” Jerry pauses, looks at the guy and calmly states, “Well, what would you rather be doing?” 

This has stuck with me. Which is why I can quote this line verbatim, exactly nine years after seeing this film. This is how I feel about my writing. I have been that guy, with a sweaty brow, and an exhausted spirit pleading with Jerry. Why, oh why? Finally this line I had stored away for nine years suddenly rose to the top of my mind, “Well, what would you rather be doing.”

So thanks for that Jerry. Tell Jessica I said hello, won’t you?

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