Friday, January 10, 2014

Our Mile-A-Minute Mack

Dear Mack,
At 15 months you are doing so many cute crazy things I can't help but record them.
You are the fastest little walker we've seen. It's the cutest walk as well. You sort of pick up your feet, with a high kneed approach with every step, but it works for you.

Your smile is mischievous, in fact that is when you smile brightest. When you know you are up to no good, you give us a look over your shoulder and then grin right before you destroy something.

You LOVE your sister. Whenever she leaves you smash your face against the front door longing to go  wherever she goes.

You get so excited when she gives you a good night kiss. You do this little squeal scream thing and try to run off and make it a game.

You imitate everything I do. The other day I was in the basement trying to get some exercise, I was jump roping and just as I would swing the rope around you would move your arms around in the same manner. It was too cute. You also do a whole lot of housework. A few days ago you took out a dish towel and began wiping the floors. You move right along side of me as I put the laundry away, that may be why we found your dad's clothes in Milly's sock drawer. Thanks Mack, you're such a helper.

You like doing things on your own. You have fed yourself for a while now. You hate having anyone try to do it for you. You just started eating with a fork and spoon. You also try to put your shoes and socks on by yourself. You know exactly what to do, just not exactly how to do it.

You are the world's WORST napper, always have been. Maybe your busy agenda won't allow for long naps, I don't know.

You are into everything! You empty cupboards like a professional mover. If you hear the dishwasher open you are there as fast as one of those cartoons that just shows up magically. You are there to empty the dishwasher and also hang on it. In fact we can only load and unload the dishwasher while you are sleeping.

You have a ton of teeth and you love eating meat and hate drinking milk. Consequently you are the leanest baby ever! We're trying to fatten you up as best we can, but we're sort of at a loss.

And THAT HAIR. Really Mack you've had seven haircuts by now. We cannot keep up with your hair. Everywhere we go people look at you and exclaim, "That Hair!" It is the thickest, darkest best hair ever! You look like a handsome little man, nothing baby about you.

Everyone says you look just like your daddy. Oh Mack you lucky duck!

We love our wild crazy Mile-a minute Mack.


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