Wednesday, January 29, 2014

She is four!

Dear Milly,

Oh my goodness you are four years old! Somehow that seems so old to me.

Milly you are all girl. You LOVE dress ups. For your birthday all you asked for were two “Frozen” dress ups. Very specific about the two, may I add. Your dad and I learned these were hot little items and spent a day tracking them down.

You are our social butterfly. You love playing with friends. You always want to be on the go. You wake up and ask three questions, “What day is it today? Where are we going today? Then where are we going after that?” You LOVE to be busy.

This year you are in preschool and dance class. Your favorite part of preschool is free play time. Your favorite part of dance is when the teacher lets you dance to “Frozen” music. You just became a sunbeam and your favorite part is singing time.

Your best playmates are Gretchy and Cadence and you claim your boyfriend if Griffin. Your dad is panicked about that.

You favorite activity is playing with dress ups. You love riding your stick horse while wearing your princess jasmine.

You love singing to the radio in the car. In fact, you love music all together and you have told me that are going to take piano from Chelsi. Well, okay Milly, we’ll get on that.

Milly has been peering over my shoulder while I wrote this and added, “I like to play with my borther.”

“Why?” I asked her. She said, “Because I like to.” Okay well there you have it.

Oh Milly, you are the cutest girl I know. I’m continually amazed at how smart you are. How wonderfully you adjust to new situations. You’ve got the cutest personality around. You get very excited about everything. In fact I call you a lover of life. I cannot even name how many things you like because you just love it all.When I look at you and what you dare do I think you’re such brave little girl, not shy at all. I love that about you. Sometimes, I catch myself thinking, Where did I get such an amazing little girl?

Milly, I am SO lucky to be your mom.

Happy Birthday my darling,
Love Mama

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  1. I can't believe she's four. That little stinker! She sure is a doll!