Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Keeping it Clean

Other mothers, wiser mothers always urge, write it down. When your kids do or say something cute you've got to write it down. You think you won't forget but you will.

Today I heed their advice to write about you Mack. You are too funny. Lately, you are into cleaning. Yes, cleaning. You know right where I keep all the rags. You go to the cupboard, carefully make your selection and then you go for it. You head to the entertainment center and wipe it down. Next you move to the coffee table and scrub away. You do so with real intention, you even let out a grunt sometimes. Maybe that's when you approach a stain or something.

If you get distracted enough you will let the rag go and move onto another chore. Such as laundry. When I do the laundry I line up the baskets and separate the loads by color. When all this dirty laundry is out, you snatch it up and start putting it away in the drawers. So yes, your help is keeping the clean clothes dirty. Thank you Mr. Helper.

Last night you took Milly's stick horse and instead of riding it you turned it upside down and used the horse head as a mop. It was hilarious.

I told your dad about your habits. I suggested perhaps he needs to hang out with someone else for awhile. Maybe, he should learn there is more to life than cleaning, cooking and laundry. However, your dad loves nothing more than cleanliness and organization. So, he's not going to help you out, son. Sorry.

If you walk into my house the word clean won't exactly spring up in your mind but in my defense he must have learned this somewhere. I do clean, it just doesn't exactly last.


  1. Ha ha ha! This is adorable! Keep it up Mack! I need to write more things down.

    1. Yes. We all do. It's hard find a minute to write it down, but I'm trying to be better.