Monday, March 3, 2014

Bachelor Review: Women Tell All

I love this episode. My favorite part is the audience. Watch as these women smile, giggle, snarf, nod and glare as the women on stage attack each other and hopefully Juan.

First we have Sean and Catherine. Chris Harrison is shameless with his questions, "How was the honeymoon night?"

"Fireworks, " Says Sean.

Catherine corrects Sean, "Quick fireworks." So embarrassing!

Then Sean and Catherine reveal they will be trying to conceive in the next 12 months. Nothing is sacred anymore. Nothing!

Next Chris conducts a compelling interview with Sharlene. Of course, Sharlene kind of took over the interview because Chris kept asking her, "What does that mean?" You know when she would use such words as, curious. It's okay Chris you cannot be expected to know words as big and astronomical as curious.

Sharlene was standing up for Juan left and right probably because she's the one that left him and also because he's a pathetic idiot.

Chris moves the night right along and asks Renee to sit in the hot seat. Renee is a classy lady. Although she didn't buy Juan's excuse for not kissing her she didn't seem too upset by how things ended. This is probably because Juan Pablo is a pathetic idiot.

Next up is Andi. Andi was bothered much like many of the other women because he never got to know her. He never asked her questions about her or any other girl. All he wanted to do is talk about himself. Juan you may be asking yourself what does that means? It means you better marry Clare because she's the only one dumb enough to listen to your BS the rest of her life.

Then out comes the a**hole himself. Juan Pablo. He says he has no regrets with the way he handled things. The women look outraged. I'm willing to bet he did not detect one ounce of their frustration and you know what, "That's okay."

Kelly, dog lover, confronts him on what he said during a controversial interview. He puts her off and tells her they'll talk after the show. This guy is the king of Cop Outs. Whether he says, "I'm just being honest." Or the infamous, "I'm just trying to be an example to my daughter." Or, "English is my second language." Oh Juan you are so full of it.

Juan Pablo does not get it he never will. I think it will be Clare. Who do you think it will be?


  1. I think it will be Clare. Who do you think?

  2. It will be okay just trust him.

    1. I don't understand a word he says, yet I do trust him with all my heart.