Friday, March 7, 2014

Living in a Disaster

If I was a good mormon I would simply take out my cricket machine, paste vinyl letters on a cutely painted scrap of wood saying, "Bless this Mess." But I'd rather do the more productive thing and complain about it online.

Today everywhere I look I see a disaster. I see in the living room Mack must have learned how to open up the wipes and all these clean and usable wipes are draped across my living room floor. He has found the light switches and also knows how to scale up all the chairs to reach said light switches. Cooking dinner becomes a bit of a challenge when at one moment you can see what's sizzling in the pan and the next moment it's burnt.

While I was getting ready this morning he emptied Mason's drawer and then shoved himself inside the drawer. He proceeded to hit his head which then caused some tears. I never have cushions on my couch because little Mack gets right up there and pulls the cushions right to the floor so he can teeter along the backside of the couch so at any moment he could fall to his death.

The kids have book shelves in their rooms. As soon as he sees that I've put the books back on the shelf he destroys my cause and rips up any book he can find. I have some really nice books that have been ripped to pieces. We use to have a nice little magazine rack, not anymore. He ripped up all the magazines.

Every time I go into the kitchen all my kitchen towels are spread over my crumby, dirty floors. The tub toys are in the hallway instead of the bathroom and don't get me started on the toilet paper. I now have to put the TP on the towel rack to keep it out of reach. The problem is, it is so out of reach little Milly cannot grab it in her time of need.

The kid loves shoes. He drags Milly's shoes into the entry way. Mason has found a pair of his shoes in our hamper and mine have been placed in the living room right next to the wasted wipes.

I would like to add. We do have baby locks. I told Mason he could skip a drawer or two while he was installing them. The ones with clothes, or the one in the kitchen with just rags. I said casually, "We can't lock up everything." Now in my not so casual and laid back mode I'm going insane because I'm living in a constant disaster.

I'd really rather someone clean this mess than bless it.

This kid!


  1. He is pretty adorable though :)

    1. Tara,
      Ya, I guess you're right. Thanks and CONGRATULATIONS on your news.