Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Baby Animal Days 2014

 I took the kids to Baby Animal Days. Milly got to go with her preschool class. I was so grateful for this opportunity because when it was open to the public I was too sick to take them. Milly continues to amaze me with her intelligence, exuberance and social skills. She loves people. She loves animals. She loves to be on the go. She really is such a fun kid.
 I took Mack along. I thought it would be seamless and easy since as you can see Mack believes he is the same age as Milly. There he is sitting with Milly's class. The only problem was Mack did not quite understand why he was not allowed to ride the animals. It was a bit of a wrestling match between Mom and Mack. Oh boy.

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  1. CUUUUUUTTEEEE!!! How cute your these two?! Also, your profile picture over in the right corner is just gorgeous! smokin'!