Friday, April 18, 2014

Book Review: The Kitchen House

This book follows a girl who was orphaned and then raised as an indentured slave. An interesting premise. The color of her skin eventually leads her away from the life of slavery and into a slave owner. It emphasized the stories of women. Told of their misfortunes and lack of rights. I've read quite a few fictional tales revolving around this topic but this one had an original slant.

It was a good story. A story that needed to be told, but I've got to say due to the heavy subject matter it was rough to get through. My heart was aching for what women had to go through. My gratitude heightened for living in the time that I do. It was well written. When I discovered how much research the author put into this story I appreciated it all the more. She lived in the place she wrote about, conducting interviews with the ancestors of slaves and tried her best to immerse herself in what use to be. I'm glad I read it, however I had to make my next book as light and funny as possible to recover from it.

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  1. Totally agree with you! Wow, this was some heavy stuff. Can you even imagine living then?! yuck! I'm glad I read it, I'll probably never read it again or recommend it. So rough!