Friday, April 18, 2014

St. George Report

Mason and I took off to Sunny St. George for our 7th anniversary. It was the perfect get away. No kids. No schedules. Warm weather. We ate way too much. Read a bit and went for a long bike ride. 

Every year on our anniversary I create a timeline highlighting a few significants the year has granted us. I hand the sheet of paper over to Mason on our Anniversary. He laughs and then we file it away. I can't wait to sit back with Mason and read 50 of these timelines. Mason it's been another memorable year. We've lived in two homes. We have two beautiful children and a life I'm astonished by. For this year's time line click on read more.

2,555 Days

Lindy loves making these timelines. In years past she starts in March so she can scroll through her mind and put a few of the years highlights on paper. 

This year is a bit different. It is April 14 10:30 pm and Lindy has just now started the timeline. A strong and obvious indication of just how much life has changed. 

Mack starts walking at 14 months. He falls a lot, this doesn’t seem to phase him. Lindy wonders if Mr. No Fear will make it past his 2nd birthday.  

Lindy has spent every waking hour and some of the sleeping hours wondering how she can help Mack feel better. 

Mason and Lindy finally discover little Mack is lactose intolerant. Lindy felt relieved to have an answer. Mason was devastated to discover his son would miss one of life’s true joys. Ice cream!

Mack starts to feel better and is now “hell on wheels.” He climbs, he jumps, he destroys, he repeats. Lindy is exhausted. Mason is amused. 

Mason and Lindy had a wonderfully busy summer. They spent many weekends at Bear Lake. Milly loves the water and sand. Mack loved scooting through the sand on his tummy filling his diaper to the max with sand. 

Lindy went to girls camp for five days. This is the longest the couple has been apart. A big thanks to devoted grandparents who looked after the kids all day. And to Mason who was a single dad in the evenings. 

The Phippen family gave their legs to the Bear lake century this year. Mason pulled Steve while the Ahlstrom boys pulled the Phippin girls. The only people working harder were Wendy and Paige as they looked after all the kids for the day. 

Mason and Lindy participate in the First Honey Badger hundred created by none other than Crazy Steve. They lined up sitters and biked around Cache Valley for three days. 

Mason did his annual show off the kids for Halloween. Milly was a blue mermaid while Mack was Dracula. Milly mastered Dracula’s howl and then passed it onto Mack. Hilarious. 

Mason and Lindy spent a weekend in Park City if nothing else but to get some sleep. They were called home a little early because little Milly was sick. 

Lindy and Mason mark 2014 as the year of the sick. Their kids were sick about every two weeks. 

Lindy knows the people at the pharmacy embarrassingly well. 

To cap the year of the sick off right. The whole family got the flu in April. This was the flu to end all flues! 

Mason and Lindy honestly believe they have the two cutest kids in the world. 

Mack and Milly sit on Santa’s lap with no crying. These kids wanted presents!

Milly got a castle while Mack got some tools. 

Lindy surprised Mason this Christmas with a few gifts he was not expecting. This is the first Christmas Lindy has EVER been able to surprise Mason. 

Mason went Cat skiing in Targee. Lindy thought it was cute for him to try to keep up with her powder days. 

Mason took a break from Ski patrol. It turns out he hated spending that much time away from the cutest kids in the world. 

Lindy spent a kid-free weekend with her mom and sisters to celebrate her 29th! She shopped until she dropped.

Mason and Lindy have figured out a few things here and there about life and marriage, but can’t for the life of them figure out how to get their son sleeping through the night. They are two very exhausted people. 

Mason and Lindy took the kids skiing a couple of times. Mack loves the back pack as long as it is moving at all times. That is moving fast at ALL times. 

Milly loves skiing as long as you giver her chips. “Lots of chips.” 

Lindy did a couple of triathlons this year while Mason did yard work. 

Lindy has been trying to train for a century, she sneaks in miles here and there while Mason does yard work. 

Mason is amazed that his daughter continues to be the most exuberant and excitable child in the world. While everyone else is amazed at the amount of hair Mack has. Everywhere that child goes people can’t help but exclaim, “That hair!”

Mason and Lindy spent their 7th anniversary weekend in St. George where they rode bikes and basked in the sun. It was the perfect get away.

As the years pass these timelines have become less extensive, less clever. Lindy knows this. But the truth is this is only symbolic of the business and fullness of the life Mason and Lindy have created together. Their life is a compilation of chaos and bliss and it’s better than anything they could have imagined. 

Tonight the couple will read this timeline one day after their anniversary. They will realize how incredibly blessed they are. 

Mason thank you for another wonderful year. I love you with all of my heart. 

Happy Anniversary.


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  1. Yes!! I love these timelines! Genius idea! I look forward to these as well!