Friday, November 7, 2014

Book Review: Me Before You

I read this book over the summer. (Still catching up on these reviews.) It was truly a read I couldn't put down. It took two Bear lake days. It was easy to follow along even with a bit of chaos and conversation going on. Okay now I'm making myself sound like an introvert when in reality I'm not. Reading is just part of being by the lake to me.

Every good story has a reasonable yet exceptional moral dilemma and that's what this book did best.

You really had to put yourself in both of the character's shoes and ask yourself, "What would I do?" I can see this book creating an interesting book club discussion.

I found the ending to be predictable, but I liked it. And though I knew how it was going to end it was the question of the ending that had me racing to the finish. Will it end differently than I think?

I found the premise to be unique. I haven't read a book with this kind of setting before so that was a nice change. The subject matter is sensitive and a bit depressing yet still accessible.

Totally worth the read. five out of five stars. Still deciding which Jojo Moyes novel I'm going to pick up next.

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