Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cheers to the Ripe Age of Four

I've heard a lot of moms talk about the sadness they feel as there kids grow up. They'll often say, "I wish I could freeze time." I've had a difficult time understanding this phrase. I have loved and celebrated my children's milestones. I also feel a bit relieved as they take more and more steps toward independence.

 But....I sort of get it now. I am simply loving the age of four. It's like a little golden nugget of time. Milly sleeps, get's up to the table on her own and she's potty trained. She can get in and out of the car on her own. She can buckle her seatbelt. She walks in the grocery store much like a humans do, well okay, she skips, but you know what I mean. She goes to preschool for a couple of hours a day, but isn't gone all day.

The best part is she still needs me. And I dare say she actually likes me. She will let me hold her and when she's feeling particularly needy she asks for me to snuggle her on the couch. She really does!
She always requests I color with her. She likes us to read her stories in her room and be sure to tickle her back before she falls asleep.

Milly is sweet and smart and though she does't know it she's funny. My conversations with her are incredible because she's figured out some things but not all things. It's like talking to an unscathed naive adult.

When I'm not looking she's an incredibly thoughtful sister. She was meant to be a big sister. Each time she gets in the car before she buckles herself in she hands Mack his binki and his blanket.

Today the two of them were in the tub together. She noticed Mack had a little cut on his wrist. She washed it off with a washcloth then covered it up and told me, "Don't put soap over his owie okay Mom. We don't want to hurt him."

I mean this kid is sweet. So I get this whole desire to freeze time. I'd be okay to freeze four for just a little longer.

Milly you continually amaze me.

Stay sweet my darling daughter.


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