Friday, March 22, 2019

Book Review: The High Tide Club by Mary Kay Andrews

I absolutely got lost in this book. It was one I couldn't wait to return to over and over. In fact, I experienced a bit of remorse after its completion.

That should tell you enough. It had more than all the good elements of a story. Intrigue, mystery, romance, murder, culture, racism and toxic hierarchy. I kept thinking the author would run out of twists and turns but she keeps hitting you with them and one question builds on another until you're tearing through pages trying to figure out who did what. And who belongs to who, and who killed who and just who are they, really?

I fell in love with the way the author paints Savanna, Georgia. As a western girl I'm sort of curious about the south's culture, climate and lush landscapes. She'll make you want to dive right into Georgia no matter how humid it is.

I think the cover of this book does it some injustice. It looks like a simple beach read. While I indeed think it is a beach read and I did indeed read it on Utah's version of a beach, make no mistake, Mary Kay Andrews is a more sophisticated writer than the term "beach Read" can provide.

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