Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Dear Milly,
Happy Birthday! This past year has been the fastest one of my life. As your birthday has been approaching, so have many feelings of nostalgia. These past few days I’ve thought more about your birth, the hospital and the overwhelming feelings of inadequacy as I held you in my arms for the first time. As I look back now I can’t help but think of the ultimate miracle childbirth is. As I scrolled through all the pictures I have taken of you this year, it is truly amazing to see this little baby turn into a little person complete with smiles, personality and wonder.

Milly you are not walking yet, but you manage to get everywhere you need to go. Your favorite activity of the moment is climbing up the stairs; you cannot get enough of it. You also love being chased. Your dad and I pretend to chase you and you giggle and go as fast your tiny body will allow. The other night I was chasing you and you crawled as quickly as you could up the stairs, went into your room and shut the door. With the door slammed in my face, I heard you in your room laughing. Don’t tell your dad, but I kind of like your spunky attitude, and I don’t know of many one year olds slamming their door on their mother. You are unique, this we know. In the past couple of weeks your personality seems to be oozing out of your little body more than ever before. You’re doing this new thing where you scrunch up your little face when you smile. It’s too funny.

You got two teeth at about 6 months, and you remain to have just the two bottom teeth. It’s been fun to watch you eat new things. You’re pretty good about eating whatever we put in front of you, when you’re in a good mood, anyway. You’re picking up on some of the signs we’ve been trying to teach you, and we’re certain you’re going to be a smarty.

Milly you should know just how much you have changed my life. I’ve had a lot of adventures and opportunity’s in my short life. I’ve been scuba diving and seen some of the world’s most beautiful reefs. I went bunji jumping, just because. I’ve jumped out of a plane. I’ve parasailed over an island. I have skied places that can only be reached by helicopter. I’ve ran marathons and triathlons. I’ve had quite the life sweetheart, but none compare to the adventure and ultimate happiness you’ve enriched my life with.

Milly I do believe you’ve somehow managed to make your dad and I better people. We’ve been forced out of some of our selfish ways, and I can see the change parenthood has brought to our marriage. In truth, I’ve never been more in love with your dad than I have seeing him as a father. He loves taking you to go see his fish tank. He was the ultimate proud parent as he skied with you on his back. Whenever we go out in public he never lets me hold you, he has to be the one to show you off, “Yep, she’s mine he’ll say.” You and he are buds, and I wish for you the relationship I had with my dad.

Milly, you have provided the sweetest and most difficult times of my life. I have never experienced a year in which I have grown more. You continue to challenge everything I thought I could not do and for that I love you.

Much Love Little One,



  1. Happy Birthday!! This auntie loves you so disgustingly much!!!

  2. I hope the party was wonderful, so sad we missed it. Happy Day Miss Milly, you truly are one of the cutest little people I have ever seen:)!!!! Love you guys.

  3. Happy Birthday Miss Milly! I can't believe she is that old. It is crazy when they turn one. I cried for like a week. Guess that means its time for another :) Hope it was a fun day.