Monday, April 30, 2012

Book Review: Bearded Lady

I just finished this quick kindle single by Mara Altman and in the course of 13,300 words I discovered my soul mate. Here’s the thing: when one sees the title “Bearded Lady” you may be repelled at the thought, but I tell you this, if you actually are a bearded lady then you will immediately be attracted and comforted by the notion that someone else out there shares your exact humiliation.

I believe many-a-woman could read this, have a nice laugh and get on with their life. Though, for me, I was like this chick gets me.

During the course of this read I wanted to sit down and have lunch with Mara. In fact I had this image of Mara and I at a nice restaurant (assuming there was no hair grooming dress code we had to uphold.) I would look at her across the table she would intuitively know to place her hand on top of the table, I would clasp her hand in mine look deep into her eyes and say, “I get you.” We would both breathe a sigh of relief eat our identical cob salads and reminisce over our last laser treatment.Tell me that doesn’t sound like a dream date.

Honestly, this lady wrote my story. My husband, upon merely hearing the title said, “You should have written that.” She highlights all the hair removal rituals she has taken part of throughout the years. It’s funny because she always figured she was alone in this ever-hair-tweezing journey. I wanted to shout, “No honey, I get it, oh boy do I get it.”  My sisters, my mom, my friends, none have had to have extreme hair removal as their tortured secret.
I was comforted by her story. In fact I had to check the title twice because at one point I could have sworn I was reading Chicken Soup for the Soul, maybe that was the time I was sucking my thumb while reading, I can’t remember.
May I end with this final plea? Mara, no I’m not mad you wrote my story before I got the chance. Let’s have lunch. Maybe we can exchange Sally Hansen wax strip coupons? Please? I get my stuff at Sally’s Beauty supply. Where do you get yours? See! We’d have hours of interesting conversation ahead of us!

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  1. that is great! makes me want to read it! i feel your pain....