Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Loving

Dear Milly,
You are growing up way too quickly. My memory is failing me more often than not so I just have to take a minute to note all the things you are loving as of late.
Nearly everyday you request to put your swimsuit on. If fact I think you may feel it's some sort of requirement or something. You put on your suit and head outside to begin your morning routine which consists of filling up your pool and watering the plants.
You are soaking up every bit of summer. I look at your bleached out hair, tanned skin and Popsicle stained face and it makes me smile everyday. You're my summer baby.
You love going on Pa Pa's boat where you can tube with Reese. Though you refuse to call it tubing and instead you tell everyone you ski.
Another current obsession is your fascination with cars. You are constantly asking "cars" which means you want to play in mom or dad's car and pretend you're driving.
You are a goer. You request to go to "stores" everyday. You stand by the garage door and demand, "stores, stores."
You love to go see your cousins, every time we head out you request, "Klair's Klair's."
You love chasing Gygy, the neighborhood dog, around the block. You'd follow that little dog dog to edge of the earth if I'd let you.
You also love horsy's. The only way I can get you in the jogger stroller is to promise we can go see the horsy's. Last night you put on an old cowboy hat in the garage and kept repeating "horse, horse, horse."
You love going to the potty and in fact you've graduated from your trainer potty and you now only go on the big one. You are doing much better with this big transition than I could have ever hoped.
Milly, I'm trying desperately to soak up the last few months of it being just you and me.
I love you with all of my heart,
Love Mama.


  1. Lindy you are a great mom and a wonderful writer. Could you write my blog for me? J/K She is adorable.

    1. Tara,
      What a generous comment! Thank you.

  2. I think I love these posts more than your stories... you are the greatest

  3. AnonymousJuly 25, 2012

    I just actually shed a tear! You are so lucky to share these moments with her. Hold onto it! They grow up so fast. I look at my kids and how old they are and am sad that I have missed out on so much. She is adorable and is growing so fast!
    Jen -Cache Title Jen :)