Friday, February 8, 2013

I Pinned AND Did It: Fitness

The Mr. and I still haven’t gotten use to the whole multiple children idea. We’re four months in and admittedly floundering. I read all these articles and advice colums suggesting in order to be a Mom and not go completley postal you've got to take care of yourself first. Try returning things that brought you joy before motherhood filled your plate, they suggest. I get that, I SO get that but the time to such things has been hard to come by. The whole fitness part of my life seems to take the back seat more and more which is a far cry from where it has been placed in the past.
But today I fought my fate and decided to employ a few pins from my fitness board. I did this one and once I completed it my baby was still sleeping so I tackled this one as well. I thought they were pretty good at home workouts. The first one was a little more cardio centered and the second more strength based. They had me sweating anyway.
Though I had to laugh at myself when I headed down to my basement with a glass of water, my phone, my kindle to guide me through the exercises and a baby monitor. I put some nursing pads in my sports bra and wore some very short shorts and hanging below said shorts were two extremely white jiggly legs I hardly recognized myself....sigh...motherhood.

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