Monday, February 11, 2013

The Baby Phase

Last week I stayed with my nephews for a few days while their parents were on vacation. The oldest is 12 the twins are 9. They were an absolute pleasure to be around and my toddler daughter, who loves her cousins, was in heaven. It made me realize something, parenting is an ever evolving job. I am in the baby phase, I take care of little people all day, full time, and you guys...

It is tiring

and then amazing for a few minutes

and then exhausting.
Being with "the boys" as Milly refers to them, made me realize, parenting will switch from constant care to a whole lot of activities and homework, homework every night, projects, reading, spelling tests. If you are in this phase you know I've only scratched the surface. Someday, like when my kids are in the fifth grade, they will undoubtedly be smarter than I am. When this occurs you  know I'll have to resort to a tutor there are a plethora of tutors online now find more information here and good luck on whatever parenting phase you are taking part in. I'm off to find a misplaced Cinderella Crown.


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  2. This mom is so very thankful to you for taking her boys. I knew they would be well taken care of and have a great time with you guys! I love and appreciate you more than words can say.