Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I was Never too Cool for School

Do you know I'm one of those people that kind of likes school? Well of course you did, when I can't watch a TV show without making it into an assignment I guess it's obvious I'm a bit of a nerd. Sometimes I even miss it. When I day dream I imagine myself walking down the wide hallway of the Taggart Student Center and breathing in a strong waff of cafe ibis coffee as I head to my next class.
Although throughout my schooling years I continually struggled with test taking. Perhaps my anxiety prevented higher scores, perhaps I was never as smart as I assumed. Either way I would have benefited hugely from test prep tutors. I was always better when the final grade was based on a long paper. Let me ramble on but please DO NOT limit me with one question and one answer. If you or your child could benefit from test prep tutors I found this to be a helpful site.

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