Thursday, February 20, 2014

10 Things I Cannot Live Without

  1. A cup of water by my bed. I'm convinced I wouldn't wake up at all if it wasn't there. 
  2. A cup of water with me at all times of the day. By my side as I write this. On my dresser as I fold laundry. In the car on even the shortest of trips. I fear the world would unravel, if a cup of water was not my constant companion. 
  3. Lip gloss. I apply it obsessively. 
  4. Hair elastics. Genius and absolutely necessary. 
  5. Crystal light to sprinkle in my infamous cup of water. 
  6.  Books. If I wasn't constantly reading something I'd have to pay attention to my own thoughts, and that is a horrible thought. 
  7. My kindle. Because is there anything more satisfying then finishing a book while your in bed and then with the tap of a finger buying a new one? 
  8. My Dansko clogs. I wear them every single day, they have kept old running injuries away.
  9. Contacts. It would be such a pain to wear glasses everyday. 
  10. Thick socks. my circulation must stop at my ankles. My feet are always cold. 
What thing can you not live without?

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