Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Good Week

I simply have to note this week. I grabbed two ski days in one week. Yes two! Our famous Utah snow storms have been few and far between this winter. Rare, but true. I feel like I’ve just been waiting around for the sky to deliver something, anything.

This week the sky delivered. Mason was comparing accumulated inches. He determined Snowbasin was close enough with seven new inches. He took off work, arranged a sitter and said, “We’re going.”

We met up with a couple of friends and the day was underway. I can’t tell you we got untouched stuff, but it was soft, it was fluffy and it was the best day I’ve had this winter.

We’d discuss what run we were going to take next while we were on the lift. We’d take off in that direction and periodically meet up. On one run in particular we were traversing trying to determine what line to take. What line would give us the softest stuff. We’re standing there lined up along a traverse. Mason points with his pole, “That looks okay.” His friend sticks his pole out only slightly left, “That way could be good.” I’m at the back of the line thinking these guys look like they’re Babe Ruth pointing out their home run. I like to think we did have a few home runs that day.

Well, as many of you know the sky kept at it. Thursday more snow and friday didn’t let up. Mason calls me up, “You seeing this Lin? Find a sitter.”

“Okay, I’ll work on it.” I said.

Hours later Mason calls again, “If you like powder I’d suggest you find a sitter.”

Fifteen minutes later I text Mason, “Found a sitter. it’s on.”

It was such fabulous day. Fresh tracks run after run. When powder is fresh it’s quiet, it’s kind, it’s easy. You just kind of hop down the hill. I can’t tell you how refreshing this day was.

Oh snow, I love you dearly.

Mason, you’re the cutest powder hound I know.  


  1. Fresh powder is the best reason for a babysitter. We've been sneaking out for an afternoon/ or midnight backcountry tours. Its quiet and the most amazing thing ever! Let's go!

    1. But really, let's meet at the basin and ski the day away!