Monday, February 10, 2014

The Olympic Spirit

I love the Olympics. Don’t you? Even as I write this I can’t tare myself away from the games. I love the competition. I love the back stories. It may be the only sports I will actually watch on TV. 

Around here I have to choose my TV time wisely. Whenever I’m watching something, or anything without animation Milly whines, “I don’t want to watch a mom show, let’s watch a kid show.” 

Each time I would tune into the Olympics Milly would begin to drone. Finally I explained to her the significance of the Olympics. I told her it was exciting and prompted her to watch closely because the first person to cross the line wins. This wasn’t winning her over but I was going for the gold. 

I said, “Milly this happens only once every four years. Do you know how long four years is? It’s your lifetime, Milly!” 

She paused, gave it a quick consideration and said, “Okay you take your turn for ten more minutes.” 

“Thanks boss.” I said. 

Then she saw the figure skating. It was the game changer. 

This event has sparkly dress-up costumes. The girls wear lots of makeup and they dance. They dance dramatically to whimsical music. At the end theu wave their hands take a bow as lush bouquets of flowers are thrown at them. This spoke to Milly. She watched figure skating with an attentiveness so acute she was dancing right along with them. She would grab one leg and spin around like she was Gracie Gold herself. At the end of the performance she would mirror their clapping and waving. In fact, her involvement overtook dinner time. As a devoted athlete she would eat only during commercial breaks and then she was back at it.

It was hilarious and adorable. Milly you are Gold. I love you.


  1. Thanks Boss! HA HA HA! I love her!

  2. But really she's the bossiest. I wonder where she gets that from?