Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bachelor Review: Part 2

At first I wasn't going to write about this episode. Two episodes in one week is just a little much, actually once a week is a little much.

But low and behold I'm a bigger loser than even I thought I was.

 I just finished watching it and you know I can't keep my mouth shut about this one!

First thing is first. Go Andi!

Andi says the Fantasy suite was an awful experience because he just went on and on about himself, name dropped, and never tried to get to know her. But you know what that's ok, that's ok because Andi figured it out before it was too late.

First of all, Andi was always too smart for this show. She asked Juan if he knew anything about her, religion, political views, how she wants to raise her kids. He knew none of it, because this is the kind of nitty gritty stuff people talk about in real relationships. Ugh, who wants that?

See, Andi, here on the Bachelor we try to keep it on the surface as much as possible. All real dialogue should be translated into words such as falling, journey, engaged, future husband, and marriage.

Andi said it was offensive the way he said everything was ok. She argued sometimes it's not ok. Oh Andi, here on the bachelor everything is ok all the time and there should be no inkling of anything but bliss. She really blew their cover didn't she?

Here's the thing. Juan is a chauvinist. Oh, sorry, Juan you don't know what that means do you? Well I think Andi sort of defined it, "There's a difference between being honest and being as asshole."

 He said he didn't like the arguing from Andi. I dare say he doesn't want to hear anything, arguing or not from a woman, or rather his woman.

Juan Pablo all I have to say about you is eye yie yie. Now let's all try and do the right thing by directing Nikki and Clare to the nearest CAPSA location.

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