Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Book Review: Wonder

This was my book club pick. I read it over the summer and dove into again just weeks ago. I loved it even more the second time through.

If at any point during the year of the 2013 you would have asked me for a book recommendation I would have spouted off, "Wonder! You've got to read it. Your whole family needs to read it." It's my 2013 book pick of the year. (I say that as if I have some sort of authority.)

This book is heartwarming, endearing and it's message will stick with you. RJ Palacio writes about a boy with facial deformities. She creates his life through his perspective and switches off point of views giving each peer their own chapter. This propels the story of August into a tale with many sides. It makes you think hard about who you are and what you would do.

I genuinely loved this read. Go read it! You'll thank me.

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